Here are the Top Ten things that make Creative Communication different.

1. No entry fees.

2. In publishing our anthology we reject more entries than we accept. Our philosophy is to be selective enough that it is an honor to be included, but not so exclusive that it is discouraging to enter.

3. To decrease any "pressure" that a young writer may feel to purchase an anthology we donate a free book to any  teacher who has 5 or more students who returned proofsheets to be published. This allows a student to see their  work in print without making a purchase.

4. We contact each teacher who has a student accepted to be published 3-4 days before any of their students are contacted. This keeps the teachers informed with what is going on with the contest. At that time we provide the teachers with a list of their students that have been accepted to be published.

5. We send each student that is accepted to be published a postcard with a typed copy of their entry. This allows them to see their entry exactly how it will appear in the book. They can then log onto the internet and access a letter that gives them more information and print a certificate of achievement. On line, they can make minor changes or corrections to their entry and give permission to be published or they they can sign and return the postcard to give us permission to publish their entry.

6. Schools and teachers receive special recognition by receiving a Writing Achievement Award. This award is given to the top 10% of the schools who enter our contest. This award entitles each school to receive a certificate of achievement, special recognition in the front of the anthology with the school's name and location and the teacher's  name who helped the school earn this recognition.

7. Teachers earn classroom rewards based on student participation. Thousands of dollars are awarded each year.

8. We award thousands in cash and prizes to young writers each year and top ten winners of the contest receive a free book which includes their special recognition as a "Top Ten Winner."

9. We produce a professionally bound hard backed anthology for under $25. We have been around since 1993 and our  goal is to keep every student, parent, teacher and school satisfied. We ship every book that is ordered and we have a no questions asked satisfaction guarantee with every purchase.          

10. You do not need to purchase an anthology in order to be published or to even win a prize.

Need we say more? Our goal as a member of the Better Business Bureau is to provide a positive experience for every student and to go beyond everyone's expectations.