Students Feel Important and Build Self-esteem

Again, I wanted to let you know what a thrill it is for my students to receive notification that their poem will be published! It is not their teacher, parent, relative, or friend that appreciated their poem and picked it for publication. It is a complete stranger who resides in Utah. Thank you for making my students feel important and building their self esteem. I wanted to share the story of one of my last year's students. At the end of the year, I ask each student to reflect on how he/she has grown as a poet this year. One student wrote that he had received a "trophy". After reading his reflection, I talked to him and asked him to tell me about the trophy. He proudly announced that he had his poem published but because of money problems at home, his parents could not afford a copy of Celebration of Young Poets. One day when this student arrived home after school, his father presented him with a copy of the book containing his published poem. This student was so proud that he considers this his "trophy." Thank you again for this fantastic opportunity.

Constance Arlander

Collins Middle School, MA