My students have been a part of the Creative Communications-Celebration of Poets contest for many years now! My job guiding poetry writing at my school has changed through the years from teaching gifted students in an identified GT program of 3rd, 4th, and 5th graders to becoming the teaching librarian and having ALL ability level students create entries for this contest. No matter what ability level or class description - when I have students write poetry and enter it into the contests - the Creative Communication contest is labeled as the "BEST POEM" contest! I tell the students - send your "Best" work to them. I feel it is a quality organization that truly vales creativity in kids! Their words matter when they are sent into this contest. Thanks for valuing what my students have had to say for so many years! Until I quit teaching - we will enter your contests! Thanks for all you to to make poetry writing special!

Julie Mast

Churubusco Elementary, Indiana