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The Sea of Sleep

Only the sand remembers
People slightly stepping on the sand
Dreamy dolphins
Swiftly glide through the water
Miniature sea stars
Slowly sway their snakelike arms
Over many and many a million years
Only the water remembers
The fishing boats
Softly gliding through the water
Barnacles bouncing
In the silver waves looking for a dock
Driftwood dances
Through the water likes a whirlpool
Over many and many a million years
Wish Upon a Star

I wish a friend
could make a wish upon a shooting star
to be on that same star.
They'd dance all night
on the Milky Way.
I wish a friend
could make a wish
upon a shooting star
to roam a vineyard
on a black horse.
I wish a friend
could wish upon a shooting star.
They would ride a whale
until they were tired
and the whale would carry them home.
Last Dance

Father, will you dance with me?
The young girl asked the man.
The elderly father shook his head,
I don't believe I can.

The man was old and bent with age,
Arthritis in one knee.
Go dance with all those nice young men,
Don't bother dancing with me.

But the daughter was persistent,
It's the last song of the eve.
Won't you dance it with me,
And then we'll take our leave?

The father thought about his life,
The error, joy, and trial.
How many years had he yet to live
And see his daughter smile?

The man looked at her face and knew
God was giving him a chance.
So boldly he took his daughter's hands
In what would be his final dance.
Love Will Take Us There

Love will take us far away
To a place that's green and fair,
You'll find no hatred, greed, or war
Someday I'll meet you there

There was once a time ago
When the golden sky,
Could give the poorest, dying soul
The joy no one can buy

There was a time when being young
Was prized and fun to be,
So keep in mind your childhood years
Will turn to memories

Through the eyes, the world seems perfect,
Charming in a way,
But everything must have its flaws,
That's how it works today.

Love will take us far away
To a place that's green and fair,
You'll find no hatred, greed, or war
Someday I'll meet you there
Ice Storm 2008

The afternoon sun glinted off the transparent ice, as if it were taunting the jagged bits of trees on the ground. Icicles dan
Spring Winds on a Plain

On the plains of spring
Where fields grow the flowers and grains
Where people do-si-do
Where the warm spring winds
Beauty Is

Beauty is sought through imperfections,
Not through physique or complexion.
It is random and unexpected,
Yet somehow, it's all connected.

Beauty is uncovered through aged skin;
Skin that's been tattered and worn thin.
Those wrinkles reveal moments of joy,
Along with tears, surmounted by destroy.

Beauty lies in a crooked smile,
Found on the face of an infant child.
Beaming innocence and purity,
Along with a sense of immaturity.

Beauty is found in all of us,
It's everywhere, a breathtaking mess.
We must accept ourselves, and one another,
For beauty shall live on, in us, forever.
A Masterpiece

When I write, I write with passion.
I let the words flow to the page.
I become one with my thoughts;
The words dance like ballerinas.
They all cascade like water colors,
My hand moves freely across the page
Unhindered from my mind.
I write what I feel, what I see;
Joy, laughter,
Pain, war,
Sorrow, death,
When will it end? When will it be?
As I become one with my words,
One with my thoughts, and
One with my soul.
My heart takes flight
Unhindered from my words,
And something great comes to be
A story, a song, a poem.

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